About MAG

MAG Silver Star is a family operated company, We started this company in 2016 with a small dream of an adventure tourism company and now have grown into what MAG is today. 

Cory Derpak- head founder of this company, Cory comes from a background as a professional athlete. Cory started as a professional mountain biker competing all over the world in some of the toughest competitions including red bull rampage. From there he continued his love of adventure sports into dirtbiking, snowmobiling, and continued onto getting a major sponsor with Yeti snowmx. Cory is now head guide with MAG's snowmx tours and professional poop scooper for our horses

Cathy Huber- Was with MAG from day one and helped Cory start and run MAG. Cathy grew up on a farm with horses and animals, and has worked with horses her entire life. She has always enjoyed any outdoor adventure, and even raced dirtbikes. Cathy is now in charge of the horse adventures, horse sleigh rides and the wild horsemans cabin 

Sage Derpak- born September 25th 2017, son to Cory and Cathy, and MAG's cutest supporter

Petra Huber- mother to Cathy Huber, she is an amazing supporter/part owner to MAG, you'll see her helping at the Wild horsemans Cabin, as well as your main guide for the horseback trail rides.